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FOX News
Jan 26, 2013 11:00am PST
quote doesn't need to get anything through the congress, like the potomac swatch-- >> kim strassel. >> so well. they think that they have a court decision a few years empowers them to regulate carbon. they think they're off to the races here and this suggests to me that maybe the play is, with all of the business community expecting an approval of the keystone pipeline, the president might approve the pipeline, but then really ratchet down on the use of the oil going through that pipeline and i think he might be able to say to environmentalists. >> paul: how would they do that, they won't build this thing if they don't think there's a lot of oil that go through it. >> certainly the people that want that oil are expecting a big market, but if he's at the end of that pipeline, once it
Jan 20, 2013 7:30pm PST
. >> supervisor chiu: aye >> supervisor cohen: aye mke aye >> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor mar: aye >> supervisor wiener: aye >> supervisor yee: aye >> supervisor avalos: aye >> president: the resolutions adopted as amended and if we could go back to the balance of the consent agenda, items 2-11. same house, same call. resolutions are adopted, ordinances passed. can you call item 12. >> (from agenda) >> president: supervisor kim? >> supervisor kim: we are coming to near and on discussion around the supplemental appropriation and i wanted to take a moment to fact my cosponsors, supervisors campos, mar and avalos, and also supervisors cohen and chiu for your support. this is a long-standing conversation that i've engaged with -- since july of last year. large cuts that have happened to the school district. since 2007-08 school year the school district has lost 146 million. last year alone cost from the state were 77 million. despite increasing revenue in the city coffers were pulled prop h trigger, which caused 17.8 million dollars to the school district as well. supplemental came out
Jan 28, 2013 2:00pm PST
number came to be. >> supervisor farrell: to supervisor kim's question, when you go through the lottery, let's say you win the lottery or convert otherwise, there is a fee to start the process going forward. that fee will not be waived. that will continue in time. this is a new and separate fee. the dollar amount out of that nee came from the nexus study conducted, studying the effects of a condo converse study two years ago. happy to provide you with that. but that's where that fee emanated from. >> co-chair kim: in terms of depending on the number of years obviously that fee reduces down to $4,000. i know there's concern about whether $4,000 per unit can mitigate the loss of rent control units. beyond the normal existing procedure that we have currently for -- to ensure that there's sort of a metered rate at which we lose -- basically lose rent controlled units. >> supervisor farrell: i challenge probably the premise of that comment but i will say that the amount of fee reduction was a balancing act -- and to the city attorney can speak to further detail about that. we have to match t
Jan 22, 2013 12:30am PST
sisters, cohen, kim, you're always there. where's the opera house? we thank you. hbcu. that makes my heart happy. this commissioners would not be sitting here today, former commissioner mar, former commissioner jane kim, now supervisor. former commissioner norman yee. no supervisor. you give our people hope. i will say that malia cohen, would be the next president of the board of supervisors. supervisor kennedy and doris ward, they showed you what to do. good luck and god bless each of you. >> my name is michael -- i want to say welcome to the class of 2013. congratulations for making yourself available and here at city hall. second, i want to point out that two of the nominees need to have a legislative aide if they will be board president, if malia cohen and jane jim would need a third legislative aide. second, all three of the candidates are excellent leaders. i encourage them to two continue their leadership roles. i also encouraged i feel it's important the public process, people need to be included in the community process whether it's the various board committees. it is important to
Jan 24, 2013 7:00am PST
>> breed present, campos present, chiu present. cohen present, farrell present, kim present. mar absent. wiener present. yee present. the president you have a quorum. >> i would like to welcome our new supervisors. could you please join us in the pledge of allegiance. we pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands. indivisible, one nation, under god, with liberty and justice for all. colleagues we have our number twentieth, december 4, december 11 minutes. those minutes are approved. madam clerk are there any communications? >> no communications. >> -- mr. mayor. >> good afternoon supervisors and of course members are constituents of san francisco welcome to our chambers. i want to congratulate the new supervisors as well and look forward to working with everybody four 2013. was good work. questions please. >> welcome mayor lee. i want to get some of your thoughts around healthcare cost overall. question today, rising healthcare costs accumulating with fiscal liabilities represent significant challenge. >> our obligations
Jan 28, 2013 9:00pm PST
committee. to my right is supervisor jane kim, the committee vice chair. to my left is david chiu, the president of the board of supervisors, who is a member of the committee. also joining us is supervisor mark farrell. i want to thank those at sfgtv for broadcasting our hearing and our clerk is ms. miller. are there any announcements? >> alisa miller: please make sure to silence cell phones and electronic devices. items acted upon will appear ol board of supervisors agenda unlesunless otherwise stated. item 1, an ordinance amending a subdivision code, applicable to buildings that qualify for but was not selected or participated in the 2012 condo conversion lottery. >> chair wiener: before i turn it over to supervisor farrell, who is the lead author, i want to note since we have quite a few people here today, i have quite a few public comment cards. if you are interested in making public comment and have not done so, please fill out one of these cards and you can leave it in the tray over there. we do have an overflow room because we are at capacity in the board chambers. when we
Jan 22, 2013 12:00am PST
>> supervisor kim: present >> supervisor mar: present all members are present. >> chairman: could you please join us in the pledge of allegiance. we pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands. indivisible, one nation, under god, with liberty and justice for all. >> going to the next agenda item, are there any communications? >> the first is a communication from the director of the department of elections or to certifying the official election of the order supervisors. districts 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11. and have been declared elected to that office. supervisor: mar, chiu, breed, campos, avalos. the second communication is a communication from the controller renewing the certification of the bond for the newly elected in the elected members of the board of supervisors. >> we will now proceed to the oath of office. >> i would like to welcome and introduce the honorable cynthia ming-mei lee, presiding judge, supuerior court of california. who will administer the oath of office to the following individuals: david campos eric mar john av
Jan 28, 2013 9:30pm PST
already in the pot. they were already in process. >> co-chair kim: that's a an amazing job, over double the units. maybe the numbers i have are not completely correct but i noticed between three to six units, that sometimes they're -- over 200 units were converted. maybe my numbers are wrong, but i wonder how that might happen. between three or six there's always 200 or less, there's no exceptions that go through? >> not for residential conversions. it's always 200 or less. >> co-chair kim: okay. so i'd be curious to know in 2009, you had 141 three-unit buildings, 132 four-unit buildings and 22 five to six units that were converted. am i reading that incorrectly? >> i don't... i suspect you're looking at -- there's probably conversions in there and new construction. new construction -- >> co-chair kim: i see. so new construction is also included in that as well. >> i'm not sure where those stats came from but i can assure you that 200 -- no more than 200 units a year get converted from existing residential units. >> co-chair kim: okay. thank you very much. >> sure. >> chair wiene
Jan 26, 2013 1:30am PST
proceeds. supervisor kim, i want to thank you for your leadership but i want to piggyback about what supervisor avalos said, talking about in some respects two different cities. and what happens to some people in san francisco. we are a city of great wealth. we have because of a lot of different reasons we are fortunate enough that we have more resources in san francisco then many places throughout the state and throughout this country. but the reason why this vote is so important is that even though we as a board of supervisors do not have actual governance of the schools, what we have done in san francisco over the years because of the work of people like -- and gavin newsom and others is that we have recognize that where our state and federal government have fallen short in fulfilling their duties and obligations to properly funding public schools we a city government have stepped in and fill those gaps. the important point is not for us and giving the school district money that it is already entitled to. i'm glad that we will comply with what the law already requires in the inten
Jan 22, 2013 7:30am PST
expensive to close it. i hope that we support this item. and again i want to thank supervisor kim and the other cosponsors. and i look forward to working with our new colleagues. >> president: supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: i'm glad that supervisor mar mentioned it. i want to congratulate san francisco unified school district for passing its annual financial audit % which it always does % but for the first time ever passing without any findings. it was reported in the examiner. the auditors themselves said they had never seen a government agency past without any findings. the fact that the school district is marking every "i" and crossing every "t" -- i want to thank the superintendents. it is the highest performing urban school district. the leadership and work of many dedicated teachers and educators in that agency, in an agency very committed to closing that achievement gap because despite of having the top performer school district we also have the widest achievement gap. only in the last year we have seen a steady decrease in the gap and for me the investment is going to furt
Jan 29, 2013 2:00pm PST
present, supervisor cohen, yes, i'm here. >> cohen present. supervisor farrell. farrell present. kim present. supervisor mar, mar present. supervisor wiener, wiener present. and supervisor yee.y present. mr. president all members are present. >> thank you could you please join us in the problem of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] i pledge allegiance to the flag, of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. madame clerk are there any communications. >>> there are no communications mr. president. >> and could you read read our consent genta. items one-18 are considered routine and if a member objects a an item may be ri moved and considered separately. >> colleagues would anyone like to sever any of these items, camp poes aye. supervisor chu, sprfer cohen, aye? a. supervisor farrell, aye, supervisor kim? , kim aye, supervisor mar, mar aye, supervisor wiener aye. supervisor ayey. there are answer aye's. those ordinances are finally passed thosances are adoptedded and approved. madame cler
FOX News
Jan 26, 2013 2:00pm EST
and senior economics writer steve moore and washington columnist kim strassel. kim, where did that come from? i don't remember the climate change being something that the president talked a lot about in the campaign if at all. >> surprise. >> paul: and he didn't wait for the state of the union, it's in the inaugural address. so, what's going on here politically? >> well, i think some of us did think it was coming. remember, this was a high priority of his back in 2008 when he campaigned. but they got beat up on it, they lost that fight in 2009 so he they decided to put it aside and not talk about it in the election and here we are, back with his promise and what was more interesting, too, not only did he make that promise, but you had somebody like barbara boxer, whose the senator from california, big climate person, she gave some details, too, how they intend to pursue this, normally through the epa for a carbon regulation program and thinking of putting in place a carbon tax. >> paul: oh, well, we'll talk a little about that. steve, so is this really a regulatory agenda? i don't
Jan 28, 2013 3:00pm PST
kim: can i ask you a question. >> chair wiener: supervisor kim has a question for you. if you could, for the folks who don't understand english, if you could let them know that we appreciate it if they didn't applaud. if they want to wave their hands to approve. and, ms. tran, supervisor kim has a question for you. >> co-chair kim: you know, when you had talked in your speech, you had mentioned that you were talking about affordable homeowners and the future for everyone. i assume you're not necessarily represent ago group of t.i.c. owners that are currently looking for relief from their current situation, which may be higher interest rate loans but looking into the future that t.i.c.s would be a possibility for everyone. >> i am a member of the small property owners of san francisco, and we have lots of people in that area. the other thing is, in 2006, his i was thinking of having to convert my three unit building, but in fact i requested -- work on that. but he told me the complication involved, the time limit, so i gave up. so i'm here to say although i may not do it personally a
Jan 29, 2013 12:30am PST
you president chiu. he has made a motion. is there a second? >> co-chair kim: second. >> chair wiener: seconded by supervisor kim. supervisor kim. >> co-chair kim: thank you. i want to appreciate president chiu's thoughts and appreciated the last few hours, hearing the personal stories of our first time homeowners and our tenants in san francisco and really feeling that it was very tragic that we have set up a situation where folks that need to be homeowners and renters and live in san francisco are pitted against each other within the same group of housing stock. and what we're talking about specifically of course is our rent controlled housing stock. and i think the larger problem that i really see today of course is how our banks and our realtors set up -- you know many of our first time owners, in many ways for failure or incredibly difficult time being homeowners in san francisco, with higher interest rates, just very kind of -- forcing people to feel like they're stuck in the place that they are. at the same time, we've got to hear about how renters are feeling the squeeze as we
Jan 28, 2013 5:30pm EST
. ♪ [chimpacés aullando] ¡uuuaaa,uuuaaa! ♪ poco después, es kim la que sale al exterior. ♪ como xara el tacto y el olor del bosque reencontrado la empujan a adentrarse en el recinto. cuando las dos hembras se encuentran empiezan el reconocimiento juntas. ambas nacieron en los bosques centroafricanos. y los ecos de recuerdos olvidados les llegan ahora con los gritos de los chimpancés. o con el olor a tierra húmeda y exuberante vegetación. ♪ kim, la más emprendedora de las dos continúa explorando. mientras xara se sienta y la observa. es entonces cuando xara descubre un objeto desconocido en un arbusto frente a ella. y lo levanta para examinarlo, sin saber que es una pequeña cámara oculta. inicialmente no parece muy interesante. no se come, no huele bien, ni tiene piezas que se puedan desprender. así que la deja y busca a su compañera por si ella encontró algo mejor. antes de alejarse xara vuelve su atención nuevamente a la cámara. aún le queda un extremo que no ha examinado. definitavamente no hay nada que le interese. así que con sorprendente cuidado deja la cámara en el suel
Jan 28, 2013 5:00pm PST
largest source of affordable housing in it san francisco. supervisor kim, you had great questions earlier, questions about the ability of this legislation to withstand palmer lawsuits. regarding parkmerced, if people, who -- if the people who crafted the deal to make the garden apartments rent controlled in perpetuity or at least for the duration of the current tenant had not been so worried about the illegal weaknesses of the parkmerced deal there would have been no need to create the 200 million backup fund to protect tenants in case of court challenges and i imagine that 200 fund itself is probably on legal shaky ground. that could be challenged. so if the parkmerced development is on shaky legal ground i can only imagine this legislation is on equally shaky legal ground. there needs to be affordable -- there certainly is an affordable housing crisis and i understand people want to own homes, et cetera. but condo conversions are not the answers. and somebody earlier talked about the banks. i think that's a good place to start looking. thank you. >> chair wiener: thank you very
FOX News
Jan 27, 2013 3:00pm EST
freeman, senior economics writer steve moore, and washington columnist kim strousel. kim, where did it that come from? i don't remember climate change being something a president talked about a lot in the campaign if at all. >> surprise. >> he didn't wait for the state of the union, it's in the inauguralof address. what's going on here politically? >> look, i think some of us did think this was coming. ler, this>> was a high priority of his backk in 2008 when he campaigned. but they got beat up on it. they lost that fight in 2009. so they decided to put te'o side and not talk about it in the election. here we are back with his promise. and what was more interesting, too, is not only did he make that promise, but you had someone like barbara boxer who is the senator from california, a big climate person, she gave some details, too, about how they intend to pursue. this namely, they are going to go through the e.p.a. to do a big carbon regulation program. they are also thinking of putting in place a carbon tax. >> well, we will talk a little bit about that. steve, so is this a regulat
Jan 23, 2013 5:30am PST
president are: supervisor david chiu, supervisor cohen supervisor kim. board rule 5/20 states that the roll call vote will take place enough of a quarter. supervisor avalos will begin with you. please indicate your preference from among the money stated. >> president: we have a little bit of discussion. supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: i want to thank my colleagues for the nomination and also thank numbers of the public who came out in support. i feel like i have home turf advantage but i did not ask anyone to come and vote. we cannot let this moment go by without some excitement. many of us walked into the room knowing what would be occurring today. and perhaps that vote will be historic in another way. malia and i did want to push the conversation about what leadership means and what it means to look at women leaders in the future. we have had meaningful conversations over the last couple of days about what it means to serve and be a woman in politics. and also some of the strength that we can showcase, whether bringing our heart and our emotions everyday to this job. the day that
Jan 21, 2013 6:00am EST
excited for the ravens going to the super bowl. kim dacey is live with more on fan reaction. good morning. >> good morning. we understand it was pretty crazy last night. the fans poured out of the bars and partied in the streets. it was quite a celebration after the game. fans went wild. for some it was redemption for last year's afc championship game. many fans feel a trip to the super bowl is long overdue for the team. some feel thursday renewed energy for the team since ray lewis announced this will be his final season. >> we know we're going to take it. >> i'm happy for baltimore and the state. >> the ravens have this weekend off before heading down to new orleans for the game. this will also pit brother against brother. calling this game the har-bowl. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> everybody in baltimore caught up with ravens fever. even the mayor almost found herself speechless after we caught up with her last night at maryland's inaugural ball. >> my voice is a little raspy because i have been screaming. there are no words. this is our date with destiny. just to be -- it is
Jan 26, 2013 9:00am EST
expect today, let's check in with kim. she's in for chuck. hey, kim. >> angie, richard, good morning. we have a few flurries flying this morning, but nothing too heavy. i suspect the real good news that you'll like to hear is that we have a chance of getting above the freezing mark today. i'll zoom in for you. winchester is where we have some snow shower action. it extends to warrenton along the western portion of 66. the temperatures are still cold. we have 20s on the map. nobody is above freezing yet. as we look at what you need to prepare for, it's your wardrobe. today we'll be around the freezing mark. look at this. by the middle of next week, we're going to be up into the 60s and then crash again. more details to come in a bit. back to you. >> okay, kim. >>> now to a developing story. a gunman opened fire at a d.c. nightclub, sending club goers running for cover. five people are in the hospital this morning with gunshot wounds. the shooting happened just after 2:00 this morning at d.c. sound stage club on the 2400 block of benning road northeast. derek ward is live on the scene
Jan 26, 2013 2:30am PST
: aye >> supervisor cohen: aye >> supervisor farrell: aye >> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor mar: aye >> supervisor wiener: aye >> supervisor yee: aye >> supervisor avalos: aye >> president: motion approved. tentative map is approved. let's go back to item 20. >> can we do this same house same call. , ordinance passed first reading . item 21. >> supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener: this is an exciting item to landmark twin peaks tavern, on castor street. an exciting day for the castro and lgbt community. the bar has recently celebrated its fortieth anniversary. twin peaks was the first gay bar to be open and visible from the street in terms of windows where you could see inside the bar. that was a huge step. and a coming up for our community for so many years gay bars have been hidden away so you cannot see inside. it was very secretive. as our community cannot, twin peaks helped lead the way by having a bar. you could see who was inside. it welcomes all ages. we have a continuing challenge in the lgbt community of celebrating youth to the point that sometimes older lgbt people do
Jan 27, 2013 6:00pm EST
road conditions as well as flight delays. so let's get right to storm team 4 meteorologist kim martucci with a look at our forecast. kim, we just can't catch a break with the timing of this weather. >> we can't. the timing just doesn't any worse. it's targeting our morning rush tomorrow, and because of that, that winter weather advisory in effect. here it is, all of this pink stuff is ice, and it is steadily moving into what is going to be cold air trapped at the surface right on top of us. look how big, look how much real estate these advisories take up from new york state right on down into north carolina, westward into the great lakes, all of these advisories mostly for ice and freezing rain, and, of course, we are included, too, all of our viewing area in this for tomorrow morning. so the big question is, what is it? it is a morning rush between 5:00 and 10:00 a.m. nightmare. what is going to be falling? likely freezing rain. a little bit of sleet but mostly freezing rain and how much will we be getting? probably a few hundredths of an inch. it doesn't sound like much. you
Jan 27, 2013 9:00am EST
lot of action, huh, kim? >> that's right. today is the day to relax and take it easy. it is of course, your monday morning commute at risk for seeing some ice. at this hour, though, temperatures are still below freezing. we have lots of 20s on the map. whether it be 28 in college park or 25 inga gaithersburg. >>> we'll take a stab at middle 30s today. even upper 30s in fredericksburg. the sun will be around for a while and later tonight the clouds increase and that's when things get dicey, if not icy. more to come approximate the ice when i see you guys next. >>> kim, thanks. breaking news from pra zil now. nbc news confirming at least 245 people died in a nightclub fire. that number is unfortunately, rising. dozens of others reported hurt. this happening in the southern part of the country in santa maria. derrick ward is at the live desk with new details. good morning, derrick. >> good morning. with the death toll at 245, almost every dispatch from the region, that toll only gets higher. it's near the start of the carnival season. the nightclub kiss was reportedly crowded. it
Jan 25, 2013 4:30am PST
you are going to play in the super bowl, eat right. dr. kim is going to show us how nfl players get properly fueled for football. >> and speaking of 49er football, we have some more fan photos. this is jason tubbs out of redwood city on the field at his first home game against the lions. thanks for sending that in. and how cute, trevor wrigley of mountain house posing in a 49ers beanie. keep the pictures coming. you can see send them to or upload them to we'll be right back. this three- year-old is crazy about skateboarding. he's been skate boarding since he could barely walk and mastering tricks that only the pros can pull off. according to his d >>> watch out, tony hawk. the 3-year-old has been skateboarding since he can barely walk mastering tricks that only the pros can pull off. according to his dad, he soon went from just skating around to wanting to do jumps. [ indiscernible ] >> he has no fear so i kind of just support him in it. he loves to do it so i love to see him do it. >> little guy. rome robinson's father of the three-year-old skateboarder has
Jan 26, 2013 6:00am EST
the road. >> we have meteorologist kim standing in for chuck this morning. looks like the cold is sticking with us. >> it is. we even have a few leftover flurries. good morning, everybody. it's a cold one. check out the numbers. we have some low 20s, even some teens. as you travel up 270 gaithersburg, it is 17. what we have are a few snowflakes here and there coming on down. nothing sticking too heavy. nothing super heavy. we have to go to prince william county where we find a few. if you're traveling along 95 between fredericksburg and the mixing bowl, a few flurries this morning. coming up, i'll tell you when this stuff is going to leave and what the rest of the weekend weather has in store for u. >>> today guns will be the subject of a demonstration here in washington. thousands are expected for today's march on washington for gun control. around 10:00 this morning, demonstrators will march in silence from the capitol to the washington monument. at least 2,500 from around the country are in town from this event. leading the march will be several people from newtown, connecticut
Jan 27, 2013 4:30am PST
, i like what they have to say and i would like to see the move forward. >> supervisor kim: supervisor yee? >> i want to thank everyone for coming out also. and chairperson kim, i really appreciate the whole issue of wanting to discuss the translation services available to our residents. i know how difficult it is. you are right. one may be able to speak in chinese or spanish or whatever; it does not mean they can translate formal types of words. i did not get to meet any of these people. but when i read the resume of ms. robia crisp, i was impressed by the resume. i know she did not apply for the alternate position. if she did not apply, does it mean we cannot nominate her for the alternate position? >> city attorney? >> should ask the question again? >> deputy city attorney. the committee can essentially mix and match. if the applicant has applied for one of the positions on the agenda item, you can appoint her to a different position. >> thank you. so i would like to have a discussion around appointing mendoza -- to seat number 1 possibly. ms. lewis to seat 6. mr. hershk
Jan 28, 2013 6:00am EST
on wednesday. then it will get cold again. kim dacey is watching the roads. >> ever-changing northbound on 95. 95 north not remains closed between 24 and riverside parkway. they are turning cars around because you can get through. used 40 as your alternate. another crash in perry hall with possible lane closures. another in arundel mills. 46 miles per hour in the area of liberty road. a slowdown because of some of the wetter conditions. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> thank you. 6:18. the investigation continues into a devastating nightclub fire in brazil that killed more than 200 people. witnesses say fireworks may have started the fire. the club had only one exit and many patrons were trapped. class is continue in egypt -- c lahses continue in egypt. the president has declared a of emergency. seven people were killed on sunday. the victims of superstar sandy may be about to get some relief from the government. it has been almost three months since the storm hit the east coast. the bill was passed by the house last week. president obama said he will sign it as soo
Jan 20, 2013 9:00pm PST
to have him. i hope that you will support nick wolf today. >> supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: i had the opportunity to hear both from matthew steen and nick wolf. initially i did support matthew steen, -- someone who is very familiar with many of the issues that lower-income residents face in the area plan. after some of the discussions over the last several weeks i'm happy to support nick wolf today for the seat and look forward to seeing if there are other ways that we can give matthew steen voice and other committees here in seven cisco. >> president: supervisor wiener has made a motion to amend nick wolf's name. without objection. on the underlying motion, if we could approve that without amendment. we can do the motion to amend without objection but we do need to roll call on the underlying motion. >> on item 26 is amended. >> supervisor campos: aye >> president: aye >> supervisor chiu: aye >> supervisor cohen: aye >> supervisor farrell: aye >> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor mar: aye >> supervisor wiener: aye >> supervisor yee: aye >> supervisor avalos: aye >> supervisor
Jan 25, 2013 4:00am EST
rest of the world. >>> well, gloria, what does all this tell us about the north's new leader, kim jong-un? >> reporter: with a new leader, there's a bit of hope that things will be different. of course, his father, kim jong-il was caught up in a cycle of threats and then tests and talks about denuclearization and walking away from the table. it looks as if kim jong-un, the new leader, is following in his father's footsteps, unfortunately. north korea appears to have turned its back on restarting six-party talks. the one country with an influential card to play here is china, north korea's one ally. it's a big provider of food aid for north korea. and china supported the u.n. resolution, urging restraint. calling for north korea to get back to the negotiating table. and say it will reduce its assistance if north korea carries out another test. that's not what kim jong-un wants to hear. but it's new. and many are hoping it doesn't fall on deaf years. >> a provocative action, certainly with the eyes of the world, again on that country. gloria riviera, live for us in seoul, south kore
Jan 25, 2013 5:00pm PST
healthy. >> drink it. >> dr. kim goes inside the 49ers locker room to find out the secret ingredient to the 9ers workout recovery. >> we recovered about 10 degrees weather-wise today nothing on cbs 5 hi-def doppler. some of you hit the 60s. let's take a live peek outside. gorgeous shot, the moon, the bridge, the bay. how about the change in our forecast this weekend? that's coming up. >> i just want to say good luck, 49ers, and try to win the -- [ pause ] >> what? >> win the "har-bowl"! >> win the hard bomber. [ laughter ] swing on the west coast. and, while things are leveling off i >>> the flu outbreak is in full swing on the west coast right here in our station as well and while things are leveling off in most places, cbs reporter randall pinkston shows us that several states are still showing high levels of flu activity. >>> reporter: the u.s. flu outbreak is leveling off. the centers for disease control now says 47 states are reporting widespread flu activity down from 48 last week. cases are still on the rise along the west coast and more than half of the country is still getting
Jan 20, 2013 9:30pm PST
be supervisor campus, vice chair supervisor mar, third member supervisor yee. supervisor kim will share the school committee. for government audit and oversight, chaired by supervisor chu, vice chair supervisor cohen, third member supervisor campos. land-use committee will be chaired by supervisor wiener, by shared by supervisor kim and i would join the member of the third member. rules committee will be chaired by supervisor breed. because we have a budgeting rules committee schedule for this week these assignments are effective this friday the thirteenth. for those of you who are chairs start to work on the agenda items. >> supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: good afternoon colleagues. i have several things that i will introduce today. first being two pieces of legislation that the mayor and i are introducing; introducing two ordinances to strengthen and expand our cities regulation of lethal firearms and ammunition. we have restrictions on the sale of hollowpoint and military style ammunition; we have requirements that vendors selling any type of ammunition keep records of i
Jan 29, 2013 6:00am EST
. >> now weather and traffic together on the 1's. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. we have a problem spot on route line.the cow new-lincounty 55 on the topside of the beltway. things are looking good on the inner and outer loops. yet.elays just sa picking up in volume at the tunnel. looking good on the northbound side as well. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. what is that on your head? >> it is ravens of course. let's talk about the temperatures right now. 37 at the airport. 39 degrees downtown. it is a little chilly. we're live in dundalk this warning. we'reere with tracy -- live in dundalk this morning. >> this is a visual biography. this is his life story inside of there. this little diagram. this was a gentle man dying of cancer. he spent a lot of time with the gentleman. he still calls his widow. it is a great shirt. >> there are so many great stories. you can see the finished product. you have some shirts you have on sale. >> this is the official championship's churc shirts. they are 25% off. >> you guys will be open when we win? >> my wife dec
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